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Entrepreneurial competences: theoretical deliberations and their illustrations in higher education

przedsieb 2x2 220 pl PLEntrepreneurial competences have been and are still considered the crucial factor in socio-economic development. As a significant element of social capital, these competences are key factors in creating and developing new enterprises, a successful transition into the labour market, and furthering professional careers. Several socio-psychological studies prove that, in a period of economic crisis
and turbulent labour market, entrepreneurial competences are responsible for the enhancement of people's social life activities.
The literature review shows various approaches towards research into entrepreneurial competence types. Therefore, the competences, which are commonly perceived as entrepreneurial, have a very
eclectic character, i.e. they are defined in a variety of ways and categorised into a variety of groups.
The aim of this article is to:
• Analyse various theoretical studies devoted to entrepreneurial competences/ business competences with a particular emphasis on their role in the current vision of socio-economic development;
• Exemplify this "entrepreneurial competence stream" in the previously mentioned aspects within a post-Cartesian university model.

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Piróg, D. (2015). Kompetencje z zakresu przedsiębiorczości: rozważania teoretyczne i ich ilustracje w obszarze szkolnictwa wyższego. PrzedsięBiorczość - Edukacja, 11, 364-376.

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