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Spatial database of historic monuments in Malopolskie Voivodeship

Nowadays one of the most important elements of geosphere is cultural space. The cultural space consists of material culture, immaterial culture (religion, ceremonies), aspirations of society, the level of education, intellectual potential and social, political and cultural consciousness.

The development level of cultural space in Malopolskie Voivodeship is very high because of large number and high historical and artistic values of monuments. Average number of historic monuments is 32 monuments/100 sq km.

Material and immaterial culture have decisive impact on creating proper conditions for stimulating aspirations of society, building indispensable attitude towards the changes in the times of integration and globalisations processes, creating proper attitude – openness, tolerance towards other cultures, positive relation with reference to ourselves and other people. These advantages should stimulate us to thorough knowledge of culture and an effective use of this knowledge in many spheres of public life. That's why collecting, updating, making available and using information about historic monuments in the whole Poland seems to be very useful. After 1999 powers in the sphere of collecting all information about region were transferred to marshal's offices. Malopolska Marshal Office started to prepare a system of spatial information called Digital Atlas of Malopolskie Voivodeship. Main elements of this system are data about topographic objects and points of reference for another thematic data.

In 2006 Malopolska Marshal Office collected data of historic monuments from the list of the conservator of monuments. In the same year visualization of addresses and descriptive data in the GIS system was started. Apart from historic monuments localization of elements of Malopolska Wooden Architecture Route was entered. Now this data base consists of 3266 point objects.

In this paper possibilities of acquiring and using Geoinformation in the area of historic monuments are shown. This database should be used for n effective management of cultural heritage and making available to people and institutions interested in using it for promotion and building strategy of regional development of Malopolskie Voivodeship.

Published in:

Piróg D., Piróg S.,2007. Baza danych przestrzennych dla obiektów zabytkowych województwa małopolskiego. [in:] Roczniki Geomatyki, v. 5, n. VIII, p. 153-160.

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