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Conception of intercultural education

The purpose of this paper is to show new tasks of Polish school geography in the 21st century - a time filled with and determined by globalization, integration and transformation processes. Intensified migration movements in the EU area, possibility of legal work and education abroad causes that present student often decides to live in intercultural space and creates this space himself, so now functioning an living often means coexistence and cooperation in multicultural space. That's the reason for a special care about the aspect of multiculturalism in geographical education. A need for intercultural identity creation and diversity education has also appeared in Poland, a country ethically and religiously uniform, but at the same time a country whose citizens emigrates and starts a new life in other countries and cultures.

In this paper the author wishes to prove the thesis that an efficient intercultural education realized by geography teachers during geography lessons gives an opportunity of:

- preparing pupils for living and functioning in 21st century which one of the most important feature is changeability;

– creating geography as a competitive and highly valued school subject.

Published in:

Piróg 2007. Koncepcja edukacji międzykulturowej ogniwem kształcenia geograficznego w XXI wieku [in:] Kształcenie geograficzne we współczesnym świecie. Różnorodność koncepcji kształcenia geograficznego (red. Wójtowicz B.), Wyd. AŚ, Kielce, s. 61-72

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