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Community perception of the Klimkówka Reservoir in Poland

IJWRD 2013 2x2 300This article presents the results of a survey on how people perceive the Klimkówka storage reservoir located on the Ropa River in the Polish Carpathians.

Selected determinants of higher education graduates transition into labour market

The transition of university graduates in the 21st century from the stage of education to employment seems to be one of the most complex and difficult processes taking place at the labour market. The transition paths of people who finish studies in individual countries are mainly an effect of differences in economic level and economy conditions, social and cultural disparities and system differences, including the teaching systems.
The efficiency of this process, apart from demographic and macroeconomic trends is influenced by accumulation of "career capital" especially the ability of transferring skills enquired in higher education into potential and real workplaces, individual and personal features, such as: aspirations, adaptability.

Miejsce i rola edukacji europejskiej w nauczaniu podstaw przedsiębiorczości ...

Nauczanie podstaw przedsiębiorczości i edukacji europejskiej, zarówno w ramach przedmiotu, jak i w module stwarzają szanse na wykształcenie człowieka lepiej przygotowanego do życia w dynamicznie zmieniającym się świecie, odnajdywania się w różnorodnych sytuacjach, kooperowania z ludźmi odmiennymi od nas pod wieloma względami.

Job searching strategies among geography graduates in the transition period *

A suc­cess­ful tran­si­tion from the stage of edu­ca­tion to employ­ment is deter­mined by sev­eral fac­tors. One of these fac­tors is the proper strat­egy of search­ing for a job, espe­cially select­ing the most effec­tive method of search­ing. The paper presents results of a sur­vey about meth­ods of job search­ing in the tran­si­tional period con­ducted among geog­ra­phy grad­u­ates.

Metody nauczania przyrody - Adaptacja innowacji cz. III

Nauczanie przyrodnicze w szkołach ponadgimnazjalnych jest dużym wyzwaniem dla nauczycieli, dlatego artykuł przybliża teoretyczne założenia i adaptuje kolejne dwie metody, które mogą być uzupełnieniem dydaktycznego warsztatu nauczycieli przyrody na czwartym etapie edukacyjnym.

The concept of Europe and European Integration in Polish National Curriculum

This book draws theoretically and methodologically from the sociology of curriculum, educational policy, and comparative education to meta-analyse the findings of nine separate studies which explored constructions of "Europe" in the Social Studies secondary school curricula of a respective number of countries: Baden-Wurttemberg (Germany), Greece, France, Poland, Cyprus, Northern Ireland (UK), Sweden, Ireland and the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country (Spain).

Aspirations and professional plans of academic youth in Poland on the base of geography students *

The paper shows results of research conducted among geographers in twelve universities in Poland in June 2011; 1120 students graduating from first and second degree studies or uniform Master' s studies in the academic year 2010/2011 , i.e.: people who were part of a group entering the labour market.

The level of interest in teaching occupation among geography graduates *

One of the key purposes of geographic education at universities was, and still is, comprehensive teaching of future geography teachers. The process of in-depth preparation for the profession and later procurement of employment is not an easy task. In spite of it, a large group of geography students still chooses teaching specialization. Selection criteria for this specialization are varied and not always result solely from the desire of becoming a teacher; they may be a derivative of desires for obtaining additional qualifications in case of failure in the process of looking for a different job.

Do Polish Universities value Geography in the 21st Century

The fact that geography as the scientific discipline and as a school subject has a great meaning for all of us in everyday life is obvious for scientists representing this discipline, for students who have chosen geographical studies, and for many members of the society.

Metody nauczania przyrody - Adaptacja innowacji cz. I

Nadchodzący rok szkolny 2012/2013 przynosi wielowymiarowe zmiany w polskim szkolnictwie ponadgimnazjalnym, które w dużej mierze dotyczyć będą nauczycieli geografii pracujących w tym typie szkół.

Changes to the conception of geography curricula within university education in poland in the 21st century in the face of labour market challenges

In the nineties of the 20th century, there was a rapid growth in the number of applicants for Polish universities. Unfortunately, this favourable situation didn't cause any structural or curriculum changes. Traditional geography curriculum remained obsolete and not adapted to the challenging Polish labour market.

Spatial database of historic monuments in Malopolskie Voivodeship

Nowadays one of the most important elements of geosphere is cultural space. The cultural space consists of material culture, immaterial culture (religion, ceremonies), aspirations of society, the level of education, intellectual potential and social, political and cultural consciousness.

Methods for Efficiency Improvement of Geographical Studies within the Scope of Procurement of Work by Graduates Exemplified by Solutions Applied in Great Britain and in Germany *

The study presents a review of proposals for improving efficiency of higher geographical studies in Great Britain and in Germany.

The following elements of the strategy are characterized: preparation and audit of study curricula, methodology of academic teaching, management of professional career and familiarity with labour market, promotion of graduates' competences.

Geographical education vs. cultural education and education of culture in Polish schools – theoretical reflections

The article presents the meaning, place and role of cultural education, education of culture and intercultural education in Polish teaching of geography.

Transnational lives: migrant narratives of "home" and "belonging"

This chapter deals with the seemingly innocuous concepts of "home" and "belonging" which, for most people, are interlinked.

Understanding Europe: university geography curricula

This chapter offers an overview of geography courses in Higher Education across a number of European countries with a view to providing a better understanding of the concepts and competences taught and their contribution to widening and deepening knowledge of the European space in terms of place, culture, indentity and citizenship. 

Images of Europe: the students imagination

This chapter explores, through dialogue, the lived geographical experiences of students in order to elucidate the challenges involved in fostering thinking European(s) in globalising world.

Territory, region and place in Polish geographical education in the context of the globalisation process

eds 2x2 300The article presents an analysis of evolution of the conception of selection and arrangement of regional education themes in Poland in 1960–2008 with special consideration for the understanding of territory and region in geographical education.

The role of intercultural education in preparing Polish pupils

Intercultural education understood as all the actions aiming at getting to know and becoming open towards other cultures, serving mainly to establishing tolerance, understanding and appreciation of groups of people differing from us in respect of race, nationality, sex, religion, as well as acquiring the ability to coexisting and cooperate with others should nowadays be an especially important element at all the stages of education. (Ardens J.R., 1995).

Main factors affection the level of an openness of geography students towards European selected nations – a Polish perspective

Political, economic and cultural transformations, Poland's accelerated opening to the world and the possibilities of increased contacts with other nationalities as the result of integration with the EU, invasion of global mass culture should make Polish citizens' attitudes towards other nations more open.

Innovations in geographical education in Poland

In the age of globalization, integration and transformation, both in Poland and other countries of the world, cultural, regional and intercultural education, realised as a planned and deliberate educational and didactic process, seems to be indispensable.

Improving the quality of academic education by analyzing the students ‘experience

The article shows the results of research regarding the evaluation of the quality of teaching at the Pedagogical University in Cracow conducted on a group of students in the geography faculty. The evaluation was carried out using a questionnaire completed by Year 1 part-time and full-time students. The questions were compiled in the following groups: the quality of the teaching activities, practical and professional training; the quality of the didactic base, the attitude and behaviors of the academic teachers towards the students, the quality of cultivating the chosen skills and attitudes at the faculty of geography.

Based on conducted research most students would decide to apply again to study geography at the Pedagogical University despite differing opinions about the various aspects of the quality of teaching.

Types of specializations in geography in higher education in Poland – fashion or an answer for the needs of employers

Along with the development and evolution in all disciplines of science and labour markets, the interests of students and their educational needs mainly connected with finding jobs have also changed. To meet these challenges universities and academies created a new educational and professional possibilities for their students, especially a rich choice of majors and specialities. These changes encompasses also students of geography.

This paper presents a quantitative, spatial and conceptive analysis the proposal of specialities on geography studies in Poland in all state universities in school year 2009/2010. The purpose of this study was to characterize the trends in offered specialities during geographical studies in Poland.

Graduates of geographical studies for employers' requirements

Unemployment, which also hits people with higher education, is one of the major socio-economic problems in Poland. This unfavourable situation is caused by the wrong conception of higher education which doesn't prepare graduates for employers' requirements.

Conceptions of higher education in reference with needs of labour market

Transformation of political system in Poland brought, apart from obvious profits, a number of negative consequences. One of the crucial socio-economic problem is an unemployment, which doesn't avoid graduates of higher education.

Wybrane nowoczesne metody

W kształceniu na każdym etapie edukacji jednym z ważniejszych elementów prawidłowego i efektywnego planowania procesu dydaktycznego jest trafny dobór metod kształcenia.

Researching the occupational fates of university graduates as the link of improving the quality of an academic education – examples of methodological strategies

Artykuł przedstawia przegląd, analizę i ocenę metod, narzędzi, celów oraz organizacji badań losów zawodowych absolwentów uczelni wyższych.

Studiami objęto wszystkie dostępne raporty z badań prowadzonych przez Biura Karier, zespoły badaczy oraz indywidualnych naukowców od roku 2000.

Sondaż diagnostyczny

Sondaż diagnostyczny to jedna z coraz częściej stosowanych metod badań w dydaktyce geografii. Metoda ta pozwala na zgromadzenie danych ilościowych i jakościowych związanych z szeroko pojętym procesem kształcenia, których nie można pozyskać z żadnych innych publikowanych źródeł.

Measurement of conviction and attitudes

Modern didactic of geography should undertake new research not only in the sphere of estimation of knowledge and skill increasing but also in the area of conviction and attitudes.

Motywy wyboru geografii na maturze

Z chwilą wprowadzenia egzaminu maturalnego w nowej formule obserwujemy stały wzrost liczby uczniów, którzy wybierają geografię jako przedmiot maturalny. Najwięcej uczniów wybiera geografię na egzaminie maturalnym w czterech województwach: mazowieckim, wielkopolskim, małopolskim i śląskim (Matura 2006).

Conception of intercultural education

The purpose of this paper is to show new tasks of Polish school geography in the 21st century - a time filled with and determined by globalization, integration and transformation processes.

Edukacja międzykulturowa w polskiej szkole

Celem artykułu jest ukazanie możliwości polskiej geografii szkolnej w zakresie optymalizowania przygotowywania uczniów do życia i funkcjonowania w XXI wieku determinowanym przez procesy globalizacji, integracji i transformacji.

Rola geograficznej edukacji akademickiej w kształtowaniu postaw

In this article the author presents the results of research, the main aim of which was to find out:
– the sources of knowledge about Europe among Polish geography students: which university courses (according to
the surveyed students) gave them best knowledge about the European dimension; what university courses do they
want to be introduced to, or eliminated from, their academic programme;

Higher education and the labor market in Poland - an outline of the state of research

Nowadays one of the most important socio-economical problems in Poland is the unemployment which also concerns graduates of higher education.

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